The Dark One: Sequel Nox Haven Series

The Dark One: Sequel Nox Haven Series

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When you look in the mirror what do you see? Does your reflection look exactly like you or does it mirror the person you truly are. I can hardly look in the mirror anymore, the boy I loved is dead, and the one I saved cannot be trusted. With a heavy heart I try to wear my armor proudly, now is not the time to worry. 

Now, as a sixteen year old girl, I must prepare myself for war. I only hope they don't have me leading the troops because every time I try to make things better they become worse. In a time of chaos I must learn who I can really trust. Who will love you? Who will die for you? And who will betray you? I never expected to find any of those things out when I attended my sophomore year at Nox Haven.

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Arianac4 Arianac4 Jan 31
I get walking rage let alone road rage. My mom is scared of me to start driving😂😂
ppayapa ppayapa Jan 02
to be honest i don't want cam back. yeah, they'd make a pretty good couple i guess but im curious with how aleksander and caddie's will go without cam distracting her. dude if that even make sense HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH :/
reeyemawyeel reeyemawyeel Dec 23, 2017
hahahahahahaha what she feels for you is so much more than that
Snoringstegosaur Snoringstegosaur Dec 30, 2017
I think it's some sick Casanova......I might be wrong though. No offense
claceherondale800 claceherondale800 Dec 31, 2017
That’s so me. I can pretty much sleep like the dead. It’s pretty hard to wake me up when I fall into deep sleep
CavaliersDragon CavaliersDragon 5 days ago
Hey the vampire dude that you'll be introduced to later in the story