~ Our Story ~  (In those 19 years)

~ Our Story ~ (In those 19 years)

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LilyyLunaaPotterr By LilyyLunaaPotterr Updated 4 days ago

Harry's having a hard time after losing loads of friends in the Battle of Hogwarts. Luckily he has a group of friends around him who help him. He also has a child to look after, Teddy Lupin. With loads of effort, Harry finally starts to enjoy life again without constantly blaming himself for everything. 
He returns to Hogwarts with his friends and girlfriend for their last year. Surprises find him more than once in a year and one of them is so special that it livens up his life again. 
What would make Harry so happy? Just read, and you'll know!

When Harry and the rest finish their year of Hogwarts things change loads. They all try to find work but will it work for Harry, who also has Teddy to look after? What changes will be made to make life easier?
If you read, you'll find out but I promise you, there will be loads of tears, smiles, jokes, proposals and definitely loads of surprises!

{I do try to update often but I can't promise when and there are only two explanations for that; school and time}

{{under major editing at the moment}}

All rights go to J.K Rowling👑

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Ok now I’m really confused, he had a conversation with him in his office but now he is passing by his tombstone?!?
Andie_Granger-Weasle Andie_Granger-Weasle Jul 20, 2017
I am currently working on my first fanfiction too so I know how you feel
LightUnicornGirl LightUnicornGirl Apr 12, 2017
I feel tired when McgonGall said that... he hasn't a 'home😢
Shilamarina Shilamarina Dec 02, 2017
You should put "RON" I call him,needing help to get Harry upstairs.
Peque666666 Peque666666 Jan 13
There's a lot of stories I want read, but I can't. Are in english 😭😭
MonsieurNether MonsieurNether Jun 26, 2017
Hey can you do a story about what Harry and Ginny were doing all through the cursed child?