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Sands of Yore: The Broken Hourglass

Sands of Yore: The Broken Hourglass

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Krista Warcop By KM_Warcop Updated Sep 01, 2016

Sequel to "Sands of Yore"
  When a stranger from a distant land comes to the palace, claiming that the object in his possession; an hourglass is a gift from the Gods.   However, what he failed to mention was that the magic held within its depths can bring light to anything the holder desires, but in the wrong hands, it could be used as a curse.
  And with Pharaoh Bes recovering from an illness, Bailey has temporarily taken up the position as Lady Pharaoh, overseeing everyday drama that came with ruling the cities, and still trying to be a mother to her two children, thinking that nothing else could go wrong.
  But when the hourglass shatters, chaos ensues everywhere as they have no idea on how to deal with this predicament, but soon realising that they have bigger problems when a doorway between the past and future open.
  Old and new enemies reveal themselves as they threaten to destroy the entire world, and with that brings the declaration of war.

SybilLee SybilLee Dec 10, 2016
He could be given more fluids intake, and some medicinal herbs. Even without antibiotic if is bacterial.  If viral, then more water intake is needed to flash the virus out.
mangaluv mangaluv Apr 21, 2016
I finished the first book but i see the last update for this was way back in january before i get sucked into this (lets be honest ill be addicted to it) i was wondering if it on hold?
IVelez1 IVelez1 Dec 26, 2015
I'm not ready to say goodbye to Bes either ;)
                              Yes! I'm commenting everything and re-reading it again 😜😜