My Twin Mates

My Twin Mates

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JaneLemer97 By JaneLemer97 Updated Jun 25

Blaklyn Drames is a normal teenage girl. If normal means being the daughter of a powerful alpha. She the youngest out of all her siblings. She's the only girl, too.

Greyson and Kai Faye are the next in line for the Alpha King position. Twin always run in the family. The first born children for their past 14 generations have been twins.  Nobody ever got another pair of twins after, no matter how many children they've had. 

Greyson and Kai are going from pack to pack looking for their mate. 

They already know they share one. The past 14 generations did. Why are the different. 

After nearly 40 packs, they want to give up. But they don't. They know she's out there. And they will be willing to do whatever it takes to get her in their arms.

*crying* Aw! Come here baby, mommy's got you. As soon as you sleep I will murder all five and be back before you awaken! *crying escalation to near sobbing* YOU PERVERTS! GET OFF OF MY LITTLE FLOWER!!!
- - May 08, 2016
Woulf_Girl227 Woulf_Girl227 Jul 07, 2016
I don't buy that she is. Many you just saved her from being raped are something.