lovely // phan au

lovely // phan au

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森林女神 By softprincephil Updated Nov 15

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Phil Lester is a adorable 17 year old boy that wants nothing more than to go to college and escape his abusive father. His father beats phil almost to death because phil is not the son he wanted.

According to Mr.Lester his son should not dress and act feminine, phil was what people call a pretty boy, he loved wearing thigh highs, skirts, small amounts of makeup and loved wearing flower crowns. 

When phil's best friend pj encourages phil to sign up for a sugar daddy to help with his dream to go to college, is phil ready for his sugar daddy?

WARNING: Mpreg, girly!Phil

My school is full of homophobic assholes and fake bitches (and I was holding my girlfriends hand *I'm a girl* and I heard these two boys say " fuckin fags" then laugh and I was heart broken)
I wish this was my school , most of the people that go my school are complete dicks. If you aren't considered "normal" to them
Dude if I try to even talk about wearing a skirt at school they punch me in the face
Thats my school i wear the different gender clothes and came out as bisexual and my friend alex came out as transgender and the schools have been like that since like kindergarten
I used concealer when I broke my nose, and nobody noticed anything, the perks of being a makeup artist
I realized you're like THE account that got me addicted to bottom Phil I love you