Monsters With Human Faces (BoyxMan)

Monsters With Human Faces (BoyxMan)

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_IVIRL_ By _IVIRL_ Updated Jul 11, 2016

The goal was to get up to Richmond, Virginia to meet up with his aunt Cathryn in order to make sense out of all of the chaos, and what life would be like from then on out.

The goal was never trying to find a way out of Lucille, a camp full of gay and lesbian survivors that make it their mission to bring back the straight, and torture them for revenge, showing them what it would be like in a world where being a part of the LGBT community was the norm, and being straight wasn't.

On his objective to find some gas to fill up a car, Danthen finds himself surrounded, knocked out, and in a new place within a matter of hours.

He finds himself staring in the face of a man who use to attend his father's church, a man that knew his secret better than anyone else did.

....A man that was going to send him to hell and back.

~* An Apocalyptic Gay-Themed Story *~

  • apocolypse
  • boyxboy
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  • death
  • gay
  • hate
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holyheckil holyheckil Aug 13, 2017
i've lived in virginia before. last time i checked if sucked where i lived.. did it change or..?😂
oh! Finally, someone who doesn´t just senselessly butcher zombies
                              but at least prays properly for them.
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Jul 17, 2017
... why does everyone love Virginia so much? Did I miss something?
IAmAmused IAmAmused May 30, 2017
Holy dang! You're walking all that way?!?! I assumed you were already somewhere in Virginia! Omg, this is why I'd never survive if the world was ending- I'd be the first to die because I'd be like, "Walking? Eff that, I'll just stay here and die"
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Jul 17, 2017
You know when grown ups tell you everything's going to be alright but you know they're lying to you to make you feel better? Everything's going to be alright. *runs up stairs to investigate alien something or other*
-TheLastGayTimelord- -TheLastGayTimelord- Jul 17, 2017
Sounds like a Winchester to me. Ps where are the Winchesters and why didn't they stop this apocalypse? Couldn't have been that hard, especially after season 7 since they would have experience with whatever I assume this is