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Sold at 18 - Slave Story (boyxboy)

Sold at 18 - Slave Story (boyxboy)

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prettylittleliar007 By prettylittleliar007 Completed

Asher is a sex slave. Sold for the pleasures of their masters. Controlled, submissive, and dominated. 
This shows his journey through the brutal life of a sex slave, through his struggles with his master and the horrors of human sex trafficking. This is Asher's story, its going to be a bumpy ride.

*There is boy x boy action in this book so if you don't like don't read! (Like tonnes sorry I may be editing some out)
*There is rape and self harm.
*Rated mature.

ieatcupcake ieatcupcake Apr 29
Yes I didn't want a nice owner. Hahaha my inner demon is coming out
haker11 haker11 Mar 31, 2016
Sweet, thank god!! been looking for a good book that does not go all wishy washy
kylethekat kylethekat Sep 18, 2016
*after screaming at my phone for how stupid that was* why don't any of them ever listen to me?? 😒 you're gonna be be really regretful when you get punished the next day and I'm gonna be like "I TOLD YOUR DUMB@SS!"
-ClarissaFairchild- -ClarissaFairchild- Oct 02, 2016
The bathroom too?... Wow. I don't know, but that seems kinda extreme. But oh well. Your story
MinamGoh3 MinamGoh3 Nov 01, 2016
Listening to Amsterdam By Coldplay
                              I'm literally in tears 😂
Superweirdochan Superweirdochan Dec 25, 2016
What if he's taking a sh*t? I you REALLY wanna see THAT? I sure as h*ll wouldn't. But hey, it's your story so.