Who is she? [Kuroko no Basket Fanfic]

Who is she? [Kuroko no Basket Fanfic]

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エクリプヒーウ By Anime_is_life188 Updated Nov 04


Her name is Shirayuki Etoile, a half American and French born beautiful teenager whom started to attend Seirin High. But something shocking happened....and that is Kuroko Tetsuya knows HER?!


Kuroko stared at the girl that suddenly arrived at the gym with eyes full of disbelief.

"E-Etoile-chan...?" his usual calm and blank voice changed into a stuttering ones. He continued to stare at the beautiful girl whom only stared at him with a smile.

"It has been a while, hasn't it? Tetsu-kun~" she greeted him with her eyes twinkling in amusement within them.

Who is Shirayuki Etoile? How is she connected with the GoM?

Join Etoile together with her team achieve their goal in to winning.

P.S: I DO NOT own the plot and it's characters, I ONLY own my OC(s). Kuroko no Basket is rightfully owned by Tadatoshi Fujimaki.

Godellina Godellina Apr 25
Always stay FABULOUS! pewdiepie line, may favorite...sup, Filipino ka rin? Good! Finally
LukaAvabel LukaAvabel Apr 21
Lol. That pv at the end tho... Made it look like an anime or something ^_^!