Slim [Frerard]

Slim [Frerard]

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Embla By zeppelinspaced Updated Jul 09

❝You're beautiful, you know?❞

Frank knew he had gained weight.
He didn't need his students nor fellow colleagues to give him shit about it though.

❝I hope you know, because you are.❞

It wasn't something he could 'fix' with by snapping his fingers.
And maybe he didn't want to 'fix' it either.

❝Show me how beautiful you are.❞

That's at least what 'xoG' makes him feel about himself every time he finds the small yet cute and meaningful notes on his office desk. 

❝People should learn to appreciate the beautiful things in their lives.❞
But he still can't shake off that edgy feeling every time he reads the small notes.
The edgy feeling that it's a student sending them.

❝I learned to appreciate beauty when I saw you.❞
Even though Frank practically knows, he can't help the fluttering feeling to develop inside him.

M4rieh M4rieh Oct 10
Same and I actually kind of enjoy it. Not like I'm gonna change anything about my lifestyle because of this but I think it's interesting nonetheless. But then again I'm interested in almost anything, so :D
Bullets gerard gives me that weird feeling in my stomach bc he's so precious
DoctorGay DoctorGay Jul 08
I knew from the name of the book that someone would be unhappy with their weight, but I hate it when it's Frank thinking he's overweight. I wanna just get into the book and hug him
ArtemisReid ArtemisReid Jun 23
Leathermouth Frank is best Frank
                              Bullets Gerard is best Gerard
dude i prefer chub frank than anything else i mean hes so squishy and fluffy anf warm
These body positivity comments give me life omg I love you guys