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Pisces By Africanpisces Completed

"Who are you?" I whispered, loud enough for him to hear me. He was uncomfortably close to me, if I puckered my lips they would touch him.
  "My name is Edward." I had no idea why he was whispering too.
  "Edward..." His name danced in my tongue. I sought his eyes under the bright light, I could see a dark cloud in them. "You're crowding my space Edward and it's creeping me out."
  Maria Lumumba has been on her own most of her adult life. With a heart condition, a stack of bills piling everyday and an unrequited love, she does everything in her power to keep sane. Somehow, the universe always finds its way to take care of her at her most desperate times. 
  Her life is altered when  on one fateful evening she gets into a car accident.
   With a jacked up leg and nowhere to go after being thrown out of her apartment, she has no other choice but to accept the tempting offer of the man who hit her with his car. 
   Will this be the break she had been desperately praying for or is she just fated to be doomed for eternity?
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MaryFahey MaryFahey Oct 14, 2016
Really unusual story and you give a great sense of place here. In spite of her difficult situation Maria's humour shines with her comment about ID fans.
Imani_Thomas18 Imani_Thomas18 Dec 20, 2016
That is so true tho, I wonder sometimes how they sleep at night knowing what they do to people😕😕😕 #Secondtimereading..
Africanpisces Africanpisces Feb 18, 2016
I had a summary before, wasn't feeling it so I deleted it. Maybe when I get time I will write one I like. Idk....
                              You should look at her pictures on instagram. She is gorgeous, your pal must be really pretty!
xtranquilx xtranquilx Feb 26, 2016
The story is pretty unique and I like the fact that the setting of the story isn't really what you'd find in a book on this site. 
                              It was nice to see words written in another language and then translated into English. Overall, this was a really good start
DocendoDiscimus DocendoDiscimus Sep 11, 2016
I find this story original, definitely at distance from the stereotypes we are all accustomed to. The intricate descriptions of emotions and gestures is astounding, and the idioms you use are unique. CONGRATULATIONS!
lulukoech lulukoech Jan 20
First chapter.. how do you even...!!.. this is so calm I can feel Ken's warmth from here... You do write in swahili: )...
                              I'm already shipping this (the book)hard!! 
                              I'm elated to discover another African based book.. Kenyan at that