Runaway (Book I) #wattys2016

Runaway (Book I) #wattys2016

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Sophia fled. With thirty days left in her senior year of high school, she was forced to run from her childhood home in Port Orford, Oregon to the scorching sun of Bradenton, Florida to escape the trauma unveiling around her. Everyone has their secrets. Everyone has their story, but as Sophia soon learns, her story didn't end when her plane landed. In fact, it had just begun.


"I would go anywhere for you, Sophia," Jameson cooed, his voice calming the buzz of anxiety hovering around me as my hands clung to my head. His arm tightened around my shoulders, pulling me against him.
"Anywhere," he repeated. It was a promise; it was a challenge; it was love.

This is the first book in a series!
1. Runaway (complete)
2. Wanderer (in serial 3/16)
3. Nomad (to begin in serial 4/16)

An intriguing start. Makes a person want to continue reading to find out where the story leads. Interesting character this Sophia :)
The plot moves at a comfortable pace...the main character is  both vulnerable and brave. Good job.
A mysterious girl and a swoon worthy male character you have me hooked yet again!
April_Ayu April_Ayu May 04
All will be good (allright), one day, my love... 
                              It should be chere, not cher. Because she's a girl ;-)
TrueViolet TrueViolet Apr 09
You're so talented. I personally like how you're not giving anything away yet!
CathyAltier CathyAltier Apr 02
I like how it's drawing me in. I want to keep reading to find out more of her story.