Surprise, surprise. (Max x Reader)

Surprise, surprise. (Max x Reader)

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When you get an email from THE Adam Dahlburg, inviting you to visit your old friends and to work with them, you didn't expect to fall in love.

This will be in first person. It will say who's POV it is.



ShippingGodesses ShippingGodesses Oct 20, 2016
Im still looking for a pic of max shirtless
                              First time i find one im putting it in my book
                              Ill make it fit in somehow
I_Will_Be_A_Siren I_Will_Be_A_Siren Aug 16, 2016
Yeah pretty much if someone gets too close to me or touches me I usually just squeeze their arm with my nails... they usually leave me alone after that
ShippingGodesses ShippingGodesses Oct 20, 2016
*hugs you*
                              *didnt read last sentence*
                              *reads it*
                              *runs away (
max we have so much in common :3
                              *cory stands there flipping tables*
TheFennec_Fox TheFennec_Fox Aug 29, 2016
Welp... I'm a dude. Time to mentally change she to be in my mind while reading!
Dimana2005 Dimana2005 Sep 11, 2016
The first time I heard that song  is in an aphmau  mcd amv.So 10% luck is aph,20% skill is katelyn,15% of concentrated power of will -laurance(As much I remember),5% pleasure-Travis(XD),50% pain-garroth(Idk why tho) and 100% reason to remember the name-Aaron(😭😭😭😭😭 you know why!!!!!!)