A Fishy Business

A Fishy Business

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Charlotte Catherine By CharlotteCatherine Completed

Meet Marina Watson – she’s little, but no shrinking violet.  She lives with her mum and step-dad, Rob.  Life’s good, but there’s one thing she doesn’t get…

Why she isn’t allowed to go in water?!

For years, Marina’s mum has forbidden her daughter from having baths and swimming.  She claims Marina has a terrible phobia of water, and will have an anxiety attack if she goes in it.

But something doesn’t add up.  Marina isn’t afraid: in fact, she’s never been more eager to dive into the deep end.  

One day, in a P.E. class, Marina finds herself doing just that - she accidentally falls into a swimming pool and transforms into a mermaid!  Marina swims into the strange, exciting world of the ocean where she meets a whole range of interesting characters, and discovers some surprising truths along the way…

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I mother knows what’s best..... is that a Rapunzel reference I hear? I think it is
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Apr 17, 2017
Well, people, if last time she tried going in the water she STOPPED BREATHING, I wouldn't take ANY risks. Just me? Okay...
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Apr 17, 2017
Just God damn splash her with water once you get your powers under control. Well, once you realize you have them.
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Apr 17, 2017
Well, she sounds like Laguna from Monster High.
                              I'll show myself out now...
Algorithme Algorithme Dec 11, 2017
I can't tell a person's secret ... I just can't ^^ if someone tells me their stuff at most i forget and then people be like "but I told you about it!" 😅
XxPrincessAdreanaxX XxPrincessAdreanaxX Apr 17, 2017
Honestly, I have no idea why, but... I hate the name Alison since Pretty Little Liars 😂😂 I feel so stupid rn...