Whatever It Takes ⇒ The Scorch Trials [Newt]

Whatever It Takes ⇒ The Scorch Trials [Newt]

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After watching many of her friends die in front of her, Mae thought she had finally escaped the maze, she had finally escaped WICKED. But as soon as they arrive to the facility, Mae immediately knows somethings wrong. 

Mae and her best friend, Aris, are the last ones of their group. They work together with a certain boy group to escape WICKED and enter the scorch. But they all know WICKED won't stop until they get what they want, them.

"It's not the goodbye that hurts the most, it's the flash backs that follow."

[Based on The Scorch Trials MOVIE/All rights go to James Dashner]

First few chapters are quite short but get longer throughout the story!

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Actually this story was even better than I thought it would be...
why would you do this? i was so curious with this bio thing. you dont do that to newt fangirls 🙄😫
GoldLagoon GoldLagoon Dec 11, 2016
I thought she was gonna say "all she could see was blood" like damn wouldn't your face hurt I mean the griever could help her I mean their friendly right? Cause they totally don't hurt anyone no....not at all...
GoldLagoon GoldLagoon Dec 11, 2016
Finally not a blonde main character I mean no offence to blondes but whenever I think of blondes in a maze runner book i imagine a feminine newt and it scares me 🍼🍼🍼
Y would u do that on your bio 
                              Dont you know you get bad luck if you mention
                              The pages that must not be read
                              I am so disappointed in you 
                              Thats the number one rule of ALL newt fangirls
luekhamminggs luekhamminggs Dec 31, 2015
Group B doesn't call it the Glade the call it something like the Stock or something