Whatever It Takes ⇒ The Scorch Trials [Newt]

Whatever It Takes ⇒ The Scorch Trials [Newt]

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After watching many of her friends die in front of her, Mae thought she had finally escaped the maze, she had finally escaped WICKED. But as soon as they arrive to the facility, Mae immediately knows somethings wrong. 

Mae and her best friend, Aris, are the last ones of their group. They work together with a certain boy group to escape WICKED and enter the scorch. But they all know WICKED won't stop until they get what they want, them.

"It's not the goodbye that hurts the most, it's the flash backs that follow."

[Based on The Scorch Trials MOVIE/All rights go to James Dashner]

First few chapters are quite short but get longer throughout the story!

friedwonton friedwonton Dec 31, 2015
Group B doesn't call it the Glade the call it something like the Stock or something