Bonnie x Reader 3 (Stay With Me)

Bonnie x Reader 3 (Stay With Me)

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Jaimee By Inferno_Descendant Completed


*FNaF is owned by Scott Cawthon*

(All readers should be aware that the majority of this book will be based around (Y/n) and Springtrap, considering Bonnie isn't in the third game. But, it will all fold together and make sense, and we'll get a happy ending! Depending on what your definition of 'happy' is XP)

They thought that it was over... Knowing nothing but the darkness for thirty years, (Y/n) awakes in an unknown place, with little knowledge of who she is, and how she came to be what she's become. Voices still haunt her thoughts as she wonders the unknown halls of the place, slowly loosing herself to the insanity that had come oh so close to taking control all those years back. Having to live in this awful place, (Y/n) makes the most unlikely of friends, not knowing, or more likely remembering what this person has done to the friends of her past. What will happen to (Y/n)? Will she loose the one she once truly loved by falling for another? Or will she snap out of her insane thoughts? Read to find out...

LynxCrazyOtaku LynxCrazyOtaku Apr 17, 2016
Now if that was me I would've stretched my arm out and said BITCH SLAP!! and slapped while turning on my heels, but that's just me.
Gyrendolen Gyrendolen May 28, 2016
Stuuuuupid Character-chan, how could you forget Bonnie after just a meager thirty years?!
Cryst_Tens Cryst_Tens Mar 17, 2016
There's nothing in this chapter but a picture 😔😔😔😔😔
NeonCrystal78 NeonCrystal78 Oct 25, 2016
Ok Ok Ok ik ik  its been a super long time since I've read this but there is literally 666 votes on here so I'm voting on this to change it XD and to say this is an amazing book
Black_wolf124 Black_wolf124 Nov 21, 2016
*High fives Author~chan* I can't stop reading this an it's 11:05 where I live, you my friend, deserve a award for this story.
LynxCrazyOtaku LynxCrazyOtaku Apr 17, 2016
Something was hammered into me back
                              Said with a Irish accent