Eternal Silence

Eternal Silence

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ST☆RLIGHT By SeouledtoJungLeo Completed

Taekwoon is a part-demon who has murdered his abusive stepfather, before fleeing to Seoul in hopes of starting afresh. He meets Cha Hakyeon at his new school. 

Cha Hakyeon is a rich and seemingly arrogant student whose family seems perfect, until one night, it all falls apart and leaves Hakyeon broken. 

Later, Hakyeon becomes a target of bullying, until Taekwoon comes along and protects him from the bullying. What Hakyeon doesn't know is, Taekwoon is a demon. 

Before he realizes it, Hakyeon's life is in danger as the Prince of Hell, Jongin, wants Taekwoon to rule beside him, without distractions. And to Jongin, Hakyeon is a distraction.

[Smut in Chapter 16, disclaimer will be put at the start and ending of the smut for those who wish to skip it ^^]

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Mari-chan06 Mari-chan06 Sep 15
He just broke rule one of murdering people. NEVER wear white
God. A mom that admits to what she did and feels sorry. She is an amazing woman. I know dis is fictional and all, but thats dooe
lotusalba lotusalba Sep 08
Because, that's what mother will do for his son.. :" oh my... TT
TheCandyChild TheCandyChild Apr 23, 2016
                              TAEKWOONIE'D GONNA BEAT THEM UP RIG HT
Safinfires Safinfires Nov 27, 2016
Imma stab u with a plastic knife! U leave Hakyeon ALONE, or u'll have to deal with us fangirls, and NO ONE WI s against us when it comes to the protection of a bby. So watch out...
KamenRiderW KamenRiderW Oct 13, 2016
*grabs brass knuckles and tape* come at me you slobs.  I'll cut you up into a million pieces!