Notice Me Kim Taehyung

Notice Me Kim Taehyung

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yunasojung By yunasojung Updated Jun 04, 2016

Lee Ha Ra was a girl that you could say was quite obsessed with BTS, the gorgeous group of boys at her school but who wouldn't right? The boys have noticed her but not in the way she wanted, in fact they find her quite annoying. She has been trying to win over Kim Taehyung's  heart ever since she was younger but he is the one that hates her the most.

Everything was going the same as it usually does until another school joins with theirs. These students weren't ordinary at all, no as a matter of fact they were drop dead gorgeous. You can imagine the boys and girls when they saw them; crazy especially the Bangtan boys. All of them have taken a liking to the new girls making Lee Ha Ra to be forgotten, but she still annoyed them even though they ignored her more than usual.

What happens when Ha Ra decides to forget about BTS especially Kim Taehyung and look for someone else to love? How will the boys react to this? More importantly how would Taehyung react?

FIND OUT IN 'Notice Me Kim Taehyung'

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GoldenKookieBiscuit GoldenKookieBiscuit Oct 22, 2016
It will be nice if after this HARA STOPED FOLLOWING TAE(but still love him) AND ACT LIKE NO TAE IS THERE
                              AND I BET TAE WILL NOTICE HER LMAOOOO 
                              MY MIND HAHAHAHA
ranshibuki1001 ranshibuki1001 May 30, 2016
Why so many Got7 x BTS im craving for BTS x iKON lmao 😂😂
AestheticReader- AestheticReader- Jun 08, 2016
Omg I Love this it's great I loved that you combined got7 into this THANKYOU!!
hwalhwal hwalhwal Oct 08, 2016