.:Arcade:. KuroKen

.:Arcade:. KuroKen

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It's not everyday you see Kenma get excited over, well, anything. 
A new Arcade has been built in the centre of town. Kenma is up for the challenge of being the first one to arrive, except he decides to let Kuroo enter his wondrous world of Pudding-Haired dragon slayers and masters of DDR.

Hey there, this is my third short story on this account... Not much to say, just trying to raise the amount of KuroKen stories on Wattpad, because not a lot of people write about I and my pudding-haired partner... Enjoy!

-Kuroo Tetsurou

BlueVanillaRose BlueVanillaRose Aug 17, 2016
I run into walls a lot, I wouldn't be surprised if I got my head stuck cause I ran into it.
FlyingNeko FlyingNeko May 07, 2016
I got my leg stuck in my best friend's bed the once. It took half an hour and her mom to get it out. My friend didn't help, she just laughed at me. 😄😅
KenmaNekoPudding KenmaNekoPudding 7 days ago
Would ya prefer honey, sweetie, kitten, boyfriend, husband/husbando, fiancé, wife/waifu, groom to be, King, queen, princess, Prince, pudding??????