When Love Runs Red

When Love Runs Red

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Letitia Van Herck By LetitiaVanHerck Updated Jul 12, 2017

When Love Runs Red is set in Victorian England and is a mad mix of magic, romance and vampires. "It's Alice In Wonderland, Meets Buffy The Vampire Slayer."

Charlotte Elizabeth Watson is a seventeen year old Victorian noble's daughter. Raised to be a 'proper lady', she finds life hard to bear, especially with her wild tendencies. During the grand ball at the 'Dillton Manor', Charlotte is forced to endure her mother's persistent match making with Sir Charles Peter Edwards. However when fear of the whole ordeal takes over, her curious ways and air-headed nature finally get the best of her. She eventually breaks from the party and follows a small puppy into the woods, behind the manor, and then falls into a lake - unable to swim. But what happens when the lake has no bottom but rather a completely new world? A world run by vampires.

~ Book 1 in the 'Pandemonium Vampires' series~

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