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Stories We Love!

Stories We Love!

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Catnificent Reads! By Catnificent Updated Oct 28, 2010

Though it's hard to list every pawsome story we find, here are some of the stories that we found to be Catnificent Reads!

lavenderapril lavenderapril Aug 28, 2015
Yo!! READ MAH FRIENDS; Let The Chase Of The Ex Begin. PLEASE
fear-the-quinn fear-the-quinn Mar 13, 2011
May I make a suggestion 'Fallen - A Twilight Related Story' by @ImmortalGirl.
rockmysocks rockmysocks Mar 03, 2011
OH!  Crabfishsticks >.<  This is vampire stories, huh? xD  Oopsies~
Catnificent Catnificent Jan 29, 2011
@LetiWishes -- Thank you for sharing your story with Wattpad. :)
                              And I look forward to seeing where your story goes. 
luvyaforeva luvyaforeva Dec 10, 2010
                              I found this good story on What's New the other day and I think it should be known to more people. 
                              It's called: Stay Away From Me, Mr Stalker
                              It's by youlooklovelytoday. You should read it! She's new to Wattpad.
LadyOfTheNight LadyOfTheNight Nov 19, 2010
hey there =)
                              may i suggest another really good vampire story ??
                              "cursed destinies" by CoolDidi is really an amazing story