kakashi x reader

kakashi x reader

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(how our loves become 1)

hello....this is my first story i hope u guys enjoy it...but my english not good enough so i hope u dont mind it

so its begin....(y/n)  just came back from mission.The mission it was very hard but you already success just 2 years for 3 mission grade s.You were very tired from that mission...ofcourse it take 2 years to success for 3 mission.

You walked to the front gate of leaf village...you found it there's 2 jounin guard the gate.Then you just walked past infront of them that you was ignore it.Suddenly someone hold your shoulder it was a guy that guard the gate just seconds ago you infront of him.You lazily say"what do you want?"."you was forbidden to entered this village....plus what business you came here"say the guy.

"Hmph....i see that you didnt recognize me as higher grade jounin then...you really had blind eye to see my hat that have this village symbol you idiot scum"say (y/n).The guy were flinched at the same time he was very angry.

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Anti_Outlawed Anti_Outlawed Dec 23, 2017
Lmao. I'm confused as to why reader chan didn't go all psycho!
aihara_takune aihara_takune Feb 08, 2016
Ah,  well...this fanfic is my first one so...it didnt look well...my others fanfic...better than this first....gomenasai(bows down):-(
- - Nov 27, 2016
                              Levi: But your travel sized for my conteveces 
                              SURSLY LEVI?! YOUR TRAVEL SIZED TOO!
Karin_uzumakii Karin_uzumakii Jun 28, 2016
I thought it said "umm sorry mister I fell in love with you" wat even-
Kazeouki Kazeouki Feb 08, 2016
The story is really really awesome and I don't want to be rude or something but it's hard to read and understand the story with this messy writing style. But I swear this is a brilliant story. Love it!
Rendemwritez Rendemwritez Oct 19, 2016
... Can I please send you all the grammar mistakes and stuff like that...