The Lost Girl (Complete)

The Lost Girl (Complete)

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IsaCherryAnne By AnnaIsali Completed

An Academy Fan Fiction.

After burying her mother, Celestia is left with nothing but a mountain of debts and a house which had been filled with sorrow for longer than she had been alive. She had been banned from ever entering one of the upstairs rooms but on her arrival home from the funeral, she hesitantly breaks in to find a sparsely decorated bedroom with barely worn clothes still hanging in the wardrobe, clothes she knew would never have belonged to her mother.

There is also an entrance into a secret attic space, one which is filled with secrets. Secrets about her family, a family she never knew existed.

Will one journal give her the courage to reach for a better life?

ChoosyPixs ChoosyPixs Oct 21, 2016
I think I can wrap my head around this. You yet again find a new way to captivate. Absolutely brilliant.
- - Jan 04, 2016
Oh wait it was Marie she was talking about wasn't it? Marie died from a drug overdose
- - Jan 04, 2016
Keep reading keep reading and really hope that it's Sangs mom and not sang and that she just has a completely wrong guess about her grandma....
- - Jan 04, 2016
Oh my freaking goodness Marie's kid!!!!! I soooo didn't expect that!!!
IAmCandi IAmCandi Jan 04, 2016
wait....does she know sang? Does she know sang is here aunt? does sang even exist? ooh I like unknowns. must read on!
Academylove Academylove Nov 18, 2015
How sad.  Please let Sang and the guys come along and save her.  Or maybe she can fall in love with a billionaire that will show her the world!  Ooo, or... ;)