A Forgotten Friend {Twilight}✔️

A Forgotten Friend {Twilight}✔️

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"You told me you had my back,
  And i thought that was true,
  Now my shadow's still behind me,
  And where on earth are you?"

  Luna Evans was Bella Swans best friend for most of her life. Though when Bella leaves to live with her father in a town called Forks; The simple life of Luna turns upside down. With her parents dead, and the wound of being forgotten by her best friend still fresh, it goes even worse when she is diagnosed with cancer.
Though when one night, a handsome, mysterious and inhuman man kidnaps her and drinks her blood with a quick apology, her life turns from miserable to wild. 

  After agreeing to witness against the vampire royalty for a hybrid girl with her new family, she is greeted by surprises, when she is met by her used to be best friend and now vampire. She also meets a mysterious french boy who can't seem to keep his eyes off of her, though he never says anything to her, he just watches. 
And what happens when she is in danger of the Volturi, being the top name on their catch list. With new and conflicting emotions towards certain somebody's, and a deep loathing to someone she used to know. And a confusing yet powerful gift that constantly puts her in danger of the kings of Vampires. 

  What is she supposed to do now in this battle to keep her loved ones safe without hurting them. With new friendships and constant fights, read to find out how Luna deals with the Cullen Coven, And old and once forgotten memories.

Completed ✅ 
Fanfic ✅

The Twilight Saga doesn't belong to me, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer. The only things i take credit for are Luna and my very own original Characters, other than that, none belongs to me.


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