Kitty in a coffin~[WATTYS 2016]

Kitty in a coffin~[WATTYS 2016]

72.5K Reads 2.9K Votes 24 Part Story
Gay trash By ShinigamiKoemi Completed

[Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fanfic]

Shivering and lost, a lonely cold girl finds herself at the door of a rather peculiar place;  A place that handles people going to the afterlife. But, then again...whoever said the girl was normal? 

A rather peculiar adventure begins with numinous characters being involved. Adventure, Action, Masked balls and perhaps just a tiny bit of sinful romance awaits you my dear Reader~

Kairi_Ocean Kairi_Ocean Nov 14
Undertaker you jerk *smacks him on the back of his head* you scared the poor girl.
(Ash screaming) YOU ARE NOT PURE! AND YOU! AND YOU! WAAAAAAH *points at people*
Dear lord, we just finished rebuilding the wall... Now it's down again
Nice Radom snowflake that probably means something I don't understand yet.
You write so nice, I like it how you use described words and it explains everything.
Madzy1234 Madzy1234 Jul 25
Lol She feinted!! She didn't even fully see the undertaker. Really good beginning chapter!! Love it!