The Dominant Boss

The Dominant Boss

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Jesse By MissPerfect111 Updated Dec 28, 2017

(known previously as Underground Parking) 

Just another love story, or is it? 


I heard a noise behind me and without even thinking, I turned my head brusquely. And that was my worst mistake.

I met with Christian's darkened blue eyes which were searching for my soul. We were a mere 1 inch away. His lips were dangerously close to mine. 

I could feel his every hot breath on my lips. 

Heat started pooling deep down my stomach and an unknown need rose. I needed to kiss him! 

He leaned further and I tilted my head... 

*End of exerpt*

⚠ ⚠ ⚠ There's an amazingly handsome beau and a crazily beautiful belle. 

There'll be lots of smut so if you're -16, go away!!!!

Some chapters are private.. YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW ME to be able to read them (:

Enjoy ❤️

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greywolf_potter greywolf_potter Dec 09, 2017
Whattttt!!??😱😱😱 CHRISTIAN GREY!!!! wait christian and elena!? Are you joking?!
LaurenSwifty LaurenSwifty Feb 09, 2016
I was so shocked when I saw 'Missperfect111 has a new story'  like what.. And I had to check it immediately!
Lolli_Arts Lolli_Arts Dec 17, 2016
                              I like the story so far and it did indeed grab my attention it was a great story and other than grammatical errors I find the story great.
yuziee yuziee Oct 19, 2016
It's fantastic so far! I love how this chapter in some ways interact with us, readers. However, I suggest you edit some of the grammatical errors you've made in this chapter. It will definitely help in making a better impression on readers to continue reading. :D
xEmxiex xEmxiex Oct 18, 2016
LOL, interesting. If I was in her shoes, I will just quit the job and say goodbye.
theloverpoet theloverpoet Oct 21, 2016
Christian and Ana...... I loved the book....and loved this as well...the sensuality was well brought out :)