Little red riding hood of hellsing

Little red riding hood of hellsing

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Carly By slyfox18 Updated Aug 23, 2016

Sir Integra POV

I waited outside the small village where supernatural activities have been occurring whatever it is alucard will search and destroy. Our base situated on the main exit to the village the targets have been slaughtering the villagers no ghouls have been spotted yet just blood. This is a mission unlike anything I've seen so I came too. 

Just then there was a commotion on the edge of the camp as a motorbike speeded towards us it began to slow until the vehicle was just a meter away from my soldiers. The driver was a woman but I couldn't see her face as it was hidden by the hood of her heavy red cloak the edges of the cloak were embroidered in patterns of gold. She got up slowly as my men yelled at her she then causally held up a letter.

"I have a letter for a Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingate Hellsing, leader of hellsing who are on my territory this isn't a vampire attack so you can leave this is my area of expertise." She said calmly I gritted my teeth together who is she a...

alexis_wolf alexis_wolf Jan 26, 2016
Please update this is an incredible first chapter. It has really hooked me