Prom Facade

Prom Facade

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Crazy_Bear By Crazy_Bear Updated Aug 01, 2012

It's that time again. Yes, you know it. The time when all the girls go crazy, the shopping malls go full, the limousines on the road increases, the gossips and of course the heart breaks. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's prom.

And I hate it.

Hi, my name is Callista and I hate proms and dances. It's not because I am not beautiful, people say I'm the most beautiful girl in the county and that is why my parents named me Callista, which means "she that is most beautiful" in Greek. I hate when people call me beautiful because to my eyes I'm a plain looking girl with light brown hair and bright hazel eyes. I have good looking parents and my brothers are good looking men but I swear I was exchange when my mom 'gave birth' to me because I don't look like any of them.

Well anyway, I hate dances and proms because I hate going through the process of it. Especially the 'DATE' process. I hate getting toppled over, chased and cleaning my locker filled with invitation. For me prom is just a waste of money. I'm not poor or anything, my parents are quite wealthy since they own their own company but I'm still a conservative person. Although I hate prom I would never ruin it for anyone.

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apricotdaddy apricotdaddy Jun 30, 2014
When I read 'The proposals' 
                              I was all like;
                              OMF! SINCE WHEN DO THEY GET MARRIED WITH OUT ME?!? 
                              That moment, in time, I remembered this is a PROM book.. Stupid me..
apricotdaddy apricotdaddy Jun 30, 2014
                              Hehe.. Katy perry. x'D
EmmaEdward EmmaEdward Mar 28, 2012
nice... did you some kind of open an astrology book to study or what deana.. =D ...
EmmaEdward EmmaEdward Mar 27, 2012
weeeeee... finally i started reading it.. good starter mandy =P
EmmaEdward EmmaEdward Dec 27, 2011
wow somebody just uploaded a new story... going to read this sooner!!!!