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Dramione - One Shots

Dramione - One Shots

29.7K Reads 975 Votes 10 Part Story
Marie Maddson By Marie_Maddson Completed

Hi all ☺ 
This is just a whole heap of dramione one shots that pop randomly into my head, enjoy!

EzraandAriaLover44 EzraandAriaLover44 Jul 19, 2016
Its so like Draco to say the kiss was "bloody well done!"
                              LOVED THE CHAPTER!
Thewitxhofolympus Thewitxhofolympus Sep 12, 2016
Omfg sounds similar how my best friend was kicking my Crush's balls 😂😂
YouCallMePsycho YouCallMePsycho Jun 14, 2016
(Trelawney voice ) Ahhhhhhhhh I am  quite impressed with Miss Granger's actions..................... Yes.............This is how Miss Granger rules.............
                              Tee hee LOL
MaiaMalfoy MaiaMalfoy Feb 13
Snape: 5 points from Gryffindor
                              Mcgonagall: *whispers* 50 points to Gryffindor
ForeverMoreFanFics ForeverMoreFanFics Oct 02, 2016
Oh snap *Snape Voice* Ten points from Slytherin! *McGonagall voice whispering* Twenty points to Gryffindor