The School of Freaks

The School of Freaks

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28 years after world war 3 ended and the world is still recovering 

The bombs and nukes went off and everyone that survived would never be the same. The radiation killed or transformed the living. Animals turned into hybrids and humans, well that's an interesting story. 

The school was created people for people like me. Those who had been transformed by the after effects. We gained "powers" the things our parents knew as fiction. We all came to school to gain control little did we know something bigger was going on.

  • fantasy
  • magic
  • power
  • rebels
  • school
Cakelyn_29 Cakelyn_29 Jun 01
Luke from PJO and Aspen from the Selection anoyone? No? Okay...
So ... Where Cana, Lucy, Mira, Romeo, Wendy, Levy, Elfman, Evergreen, Laxus, Freed, Bixlow, Gajeel, Guildarts, n Jet, n all of em
pelicanlord pelicanlord Aug 20
The one thing that nobody who wants me to do anything should do is command me to do it, especially under threats. It would just lead to my arguing with them and waisting my time, as well a theirs.
ains246 ains246 Jul 25
Of course her name is malia I love teen wolf hate her character
Bitch if u in class E u still in a class hoe damn so much for being an elite
ains246 ains246 Jul 25
Wait wouldn't luke also be able to control lava I mean like it is a liquid