Haikyuu! || X reader ||

Haikyuu! || X reader ||

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【 Rin 】| りん By MochiRinn Updated Aug 22

Haikyuu! X reader


Just request/Leave requests and etc.

Can u please write a iwazumi x reader? And I guess the readers personality is something of like a cross between iwazumi and Oikawa. But she hates Oikawa lol
NekomaBaby NekomaBaby Jul 13
I was wondering if you liked Haikyuu. You're oya oya got me thinking, yassss, one of my fav anime.
succccccccc succccccccc Jul 11
hinata x tsundere!reader- reader has the biggest secret crush on smol birb, and they stalk said smol birb. suga notices, and forces reader to confess. 
                              iM SORRY IF THIS IS REALLY VAGUE
Yaoi_on_ice Yaoi_on_ice Nov 08
Moms ruin there child's relationship status all the time it's no suprise.... XD
princessFT princessFT Nov 23
could you do a fanfic that's Oikawa x badass/cool reader? lol weird but I would like to see one like this ^^
Kunaiwa Kunaiwa Nov 16, 2015
Can I have Yaku x Reader? Thanks! Uh... Personality... Something like Inuoka's?