Haikyuu! || X reader ||

Haikyuu! || X reader ||

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【 Rin 】| りん By MochiRinn Updated Jan 16

Haikyuu! X reader


Just request/Leave requests and etc.

AnimeMagicQueen AnimeMagicQueen May 10, 2016
Can u please write a iwazumi x reader? And I guess the readers personality is something of like a cross between iwazumi and Oikawa. But she hates Oikawa lol
MitsuPotter MitsuPotter Dec 08, 2016
I'm dead
                              Y R U STALKING MEH LIKE WTF!?!?!
                              Well, that IS wut SOME moms do anyways, so.....
NekomaBaby NekomaBaby Jul 13, 2016
I was wondering if you liked Haikyuu. You're oya oya got me thinking, yassss, one of my fav anime.
succccccccc succccccccc Jul 11, 2016
hinata x tsundere!reader- reader has the biggest secret crush on smol birb, and they stalk said smol birb. suga notices, and forces reader to confess. 
                              iM SORRY IF THIS IS REALLY VAGUE
Hubgfd Hubgfd Dec 30, 2016
i want to love myself too.. //sits in the crippling depression corner
salty_messenger salty_messenger Nov 08, 2016
Moms ruin there child's relationship status all the time it's no suprise.... XD