I found love (sequel)

I found love (sequel)

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Bethany By purplebethers Completed

*days had past* 
Riley POV 
Its been a couple days since Lucas propose and we got some jobs again which is great

Bella: Riley 

Riley: yes Bella 

Bella: do you think its alright if I call you mommy 

Riley: I don't know you have to ask your dad honey 

Bella: ok but I need you to know I'm glad your going to be my mommy 

Riley: me too 

Lucas: *walks in* hey I'm going to the bakery to get some sandwichs i will be right back 

Bella: ok daddy 

Riley: alright 

Lucas POV 
I smile and leave I go to the bakery and I stand in line and I see a girl with pretty brown with some beautiful pink lips with tan skin..no Lucas you love Riley and your marrying her..a few minutes has past and I'm already taking the the sandwhichs home then I accidentally bump into someone I look and its the girl 

???: I'm so sorry 

Lucas: its alright 

???: I'm Rosie 

She puts her hand out and I shake it

Lucas: I'm Lucas 

Then I let go of her hand 

Rosie: sorry again for bumping into you 

Lucas: its alright ...

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KaylynnPercy KaylynnPercy Jul 07, 2016
Wait who is Bella's mom if Lucas is her dad and Riley's not her mom so who is Bella and who is her mom
goldenhallows goldenhallows Apr 24, 2016
Where does this Rosie girl live? I will bring mah gun to her house. Care to join me?
ALS2boo ALS2boo Dec 20, 2015
It's Missy all over again is this like her twin or something
girlmeetswriter_ girlmeetswriter_ Oct 28, 2015
@purplebethers Is that what rosie looks like in the picture above??
katherine1024 katherine1024 Oct 27, 2015
I don't like Rosie. Take her out and let Riley and Lucas have a few babies
XRiley_Matthews XRiley_Matthews Oct 27, 2015
that Rosie girl better not ruin rucasxD I love your books :)