Why didn't you tell me???  (RAURA)

Why didn't you tell me??? (RAURA)

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Pls read. Some things happen between Raura. Ross cheated to a slutty girl named courtney. But before that, Raura did a little "action" if you know what I mean. Four years later Laura had two kids named Ryker and rebecca. She stayed with her parents in Italy. Then she moved back L.A. for Rebecca's "surprise" ... R5 especially Ross got sick and tired of courtney's bullshit she treated them.... Some discovery is about to be made..

jackie234y jackie234y Jul 17
Hate that Ross girlfriend he should be with Laura no that bitch and slatty
That's not possible but for the sake of the book I will go along with it 😉🙃
OK. One, that logically IMPOSSIBLE. Two, I'll just go along with it since it IS your book
Raura_1995 Raura_1995 Sep 24
Yeah my future kids would hate me if I didn't tell them about Harry Styles their biological father