Neko (Levi x  Eren)

Neko (Levi x Eren)

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Eren was a regular high-school student with a normal life and nothing to do with his existence. He wasn't a very well liked kid at school but he still ahd some friends. One day while he's walking home with his friend Armin, he sees a cat walking across the street. With his pity for helpless animals and things, he couldn't resist saving the cat from certain death. Turns out that cat wasn't a normal cat but a mytical creature called a neko! But the craziness didn't end there for Eren, the neko was also a prince forcing him into marriage! Will he be forced to be with a person who will never give him anything else but unhappiness? Or will someone else steal his heart first. . . .
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Inspire by a movie, the Cat Returns.

'I screamed cuz I can't scream' :) I get it. Had to replay it a few times to make sure you said that.
Im pretty sure we all would've sobbed after being taken away from our homes and forced into marriage so
OMT I LOVE THISSSS it reminds me so much of the cat returns doe XD