Neko (Levi x  Eren)

Neko (Levi x Eren)

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Eren was a regular high-school student with a normal life and nothing to do with his existence. He wasn't a very well liked kid at school but he still ahd some friends. One day while he's walking home with his friend Armin, he sees a cat walking across the street. With his pity for helpless animals and things, he couldn't resist saving the cat from certain death. Turns out that cat wasn't a normal cat but a mytical creature called a neko! But the craziness didn't end there for Eren, the neko was also a prince forcing him into marriage! Will he be forced to be with a person who will never give him anything else but unhappiness? Or will someone else steal his heart first. . . .
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Inspire by a movie, the Cat Returns.

KatelynCavazos KatelynCavazos Nov 18, 2016
'I screamed cuz I can't scream' :) I get it. Had to replay it a few times to make sure you said that.
...i don't know what to say but this is pretty good so far....
neverfadingstars neverfadingstars Nov 19, 2016
Im pretty sure we all would've sobbed after being taken away from our homes and forced into marriage so
ihavethefeels101 ihavethefeels101 Nov 11, 2016
OMT I LOVE THISSSS it reminds me so much of the cat returns doe XD