Hidden Powers [NaLu Fanfiction]

Hidden Powers [NaLu Fanfiction]

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Karen Ann Parducho By JeRein_14 Updated 3 days ago


  What if Lucy still has living relatives out there? What if she hid her true powers from the guild? What if she has a darker past than what her friends thought? What if Team Natsu kick her out of the team and unintentionally made her conclude that she's weak? What if she temporarily leave the guild to train and meet up with her family?

  Lucy was classified 'weak' and 'dependant', well at least that's what she thought her teammates were trying to say. She left Fairy Tail with a goal and will to show them that they were wrong. Reuniting with her only living relatives left, she set out to unleash and train her powers that she had hidden from her guild mates.

It's a twist of plot, well I'm not blaming the author for it, He/She's just doing his/her job
NixiReading NixiReading Apr 11
That's pretty much me in male with a little more green than gray in the eyes
                              That was pretty... Specific.
I'll just stay here and think Yuuki is Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki.. and Yuno yelling "YUKKI!" in the distance..
JustKeepSwimming36 JustKeepSwimming36 Nov 03, 2015
Your writing just gets me Hooke every time I read it! Amazing...!
Harmony_Wind Harmony_Wind Oct 26, 2015
It sounds amazing. Please, continue. If you do, I can't wait to see the next chapter. I look forward to it.