Mr. Urie [ Brendon  Urie] (#Wattys2016)

Mr. Urie [ Brendon Urie] (#Wattys2016)

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What could happen if you had to move to another town and have no friends?
 Ena Decides to learn how to sing and not that many kids are interested in music.

She build a relationship stronger than ever and...

Pretty good storyline, but they keep saying "he say" ,  "I say" , or "okay"
my school let's us have our phones, they don't even have to be in our pockets they can just be sitting on the desks. We just cant be playing on them in class
Music_Girly Music_Girly Jun 08
The teachers collect our phone 😒 I never give mines anyway
In every fanfic like this the two nopes are 1 going to his house 2 call me brendon, they always lead to some sinister stuff stg
howlterurie howlterurie Feb 26
i swear if a teacher asked me that, "STRANGE DANGER! RAPEEEEEEE!" butttttttt I mean it's BEEBO SO WHY DECLINE THE OFFER