Part of Me (Benny Weir x reader: Book 3)

Part of Me (Benny Weir x reader: Book 3)

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Dani Wan Kenobi By DaniGamer00 Updated Jul 05, 2016


(This is book 3 out of the mbav/Benny Weir fan fiction. If you want to read this you'll have to read the other two to understand it.)

You're back in Whitechapel after being away for all of summer break. After living such a normal life for three months, will you be able to go back to having supernatural creatures around you and facing a different adventure almost every week? Will you and Benny bring your relationship to a whole new level? Or will it backfire and go the complete opposite way you wanted it to?

Hehe... I actually thought of that too
                              But then I realised it ment the vampires😓
There aren't any couches in homerooms. Well, at least not here in America. There are just desks for the students to sit in. I like the hormonal Benny. Keep going with this side of him. I love it
Or a toddler that heard someone say Dick and tried it imitate but couldn't pronounce it properly
Whitechapel is a town full of mystery just ask dipstick here 
                              dipper: I told you not to call me that 😡
                              Me:I CALL U WHATEVER I WANT FUNDIP!!!!!
Why do I feel like Benny and Rory are going to have some problems involving meeee?
These kinda situations are the only ones that give me the feels so strong I cry