I'm in Love with the Mute Girl

I'm in Love with the Mute Girl

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Alissa is an 16 year old girl that has been mute since she can remeber. When she enter middle school. The kids there bully her for being different from then to now. She stuffers depresson badly.She try to kill herself serval times in the past.

Aiden an 16 year old boy. He's popualr for gis looks, being the star football player, and dating the head cheerleader. His life is perfect for him, but he feel like something is missing. 

One day they cross paths. Can Aiden save Alissa before it too late.

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derlisha100 derlisha100 Sep 14
her eyes have contact's in them, sadly. her eyes would be pretty if they were her real eyes
I read Alissa and my mind goes "uh oh that's Alissa violet used to be your chick
I dislike her eyebrows and choice of hair color, but she is still very pretty