Pseudonymous (Chris Brown fanfiction)

Pseudonymous (Chris Brown fanfiction)

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"So you live alone?"she asked while looking at my paintings on the wall and I stood there in the door way watching her every move.

"Yeah, I don't need anyone else in the house with me"I said before taking out a cigarette and putting it between my lips. She turned around and looked at me with her big blue eyes then flashed me a smile.

"But why? Don't you ever feel lonely in this big house? Wouldn't you rather have someone, a woman to be exact to take care of the house for you or at least help you"she said making her way to the couch and sitting down.

I lit my cigarette and took a long hit then blew it out. "Nope, but I guess that'll be okay. I mean less work for me. But I honestly do enjoy my privacy" I replied than took another hit.

"If it was a stormy night like this and I was alone, I wouldn't mind having someone to be here with me. At least I know I'm safe, especially with all this madness going on"she said seductively while twirling her hair and I laughed. 

"Are you sca...

daddy_dexter daddy_dexter Nov 05, 2016
Christopher Christopher Christopher.... I'm very disappointed in you.. smh
ToxicMvMi ToxicMvMi Jul 09, 2016
Im scared of Chris now even if this is just a story...😕😱😭
_Leahh _Leahh Jul 12, 2016
Me. Everytime. If I say something back, I took it too far or why so serious? Like gtf
_Leahh _Leahh Jul 12, 2016
So that means if my bestfriend say jump of a building I just do it with no questions asked? Nope, I'ma look at her and "What bih?"