Avengers preferences and Imagines  {SLOW UPDATES}

Avengers preferences and Imagines {SLOW UPDATES}

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Isabelle By VioletMischief Updated May 31

Preferences and Imagines of the avengers. Includes: 

Tony Stark/ Ironman 

Steve Rogers/ Captain America  

Thor/ Thor Odinson

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

Natasha Romanoff/ Black Widow 

Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver 

Wanda Maximoff/ Scarlet Witch

James Buchanan 'Bucky' Barnes/ The Winter Solider

Hope you enjoy!!
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end of it I'm Kiara Marie Matron not real name btw but it's Kiara if you want to know
Grammar police!! Wee-oh Whee-oh!!! It's Rogers. Grammar police away!! *flies to the land of unicorns and pleasure*
I watched the Avengers Age of Ultron today and when he said security breach I was like" Tony Stark what the f**ken hell was that for!"
foxface9000 foxface9000 Aug 08
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wouldn't be the speed of light. because sound I'd really slow