Restore me, Miss Lovato. (GXG) (TxS) (Complete)

Restore me, Miss Lovato. (GXG) (TxS) (Complete)

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Restore- repair or renovate (a building, work of art, etc.) so as to return it to its original condition. 

I wish I could be restored, preferably from the time I moved to LA. I don't understand everything was so simple when I was in Texas. I had friends- not a lot, but the ones I did have, they were trustworthy and great to me. I just wish my dad didn't get the job, and my mom didn't die. I don't need your sympathy, and I certainly don't need your charity. I don't need anyone. 

I didn't think I could find anyone that would make me feel a little more alive then my non-talkative self. until I met Miss Lovato. The sad part is that she's my teacher, and she's 23 but we're getting close, and I'm developing feelings I don't want. Please Miss Lovato, restore me.

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satan_bless_you satan_bless_you Oct 03, 2017
5 classes ? What school is this i Wanna go there 
                              I have 7 :")
Why do I feel like you’re pretty much portraying my life in this.
Oh my god I have only one and it’s always taken by other teacher to other subjects 😂😂
ddllernjergi ddllernjergi Feb 20, 2017
Omg I think this too, I always have to walk really fast so I don't feel like I'm walking too slow for them
delenator2210 delenator2210 Feb 03, 2016
Hayley Williams and Taylor York 🎼😱😱😱😝😝😝😝
Dreamer10148 Dreamer10148 Oct 29, 2015
I actually really like bio my teacher is gorgeous and she's so sweet