Stolen Minds (ON HOLD)

Stolen Minds (ON HOLD)

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Lani By MulanJiang Updated Sep 24, 2016

One girl, one choice, and a thousand lives at stake.

In a world where one's eye color and corresponding level of magic dictates their caste, a tyrant King with gold eyes, the highest tier, has conquered all but one Kingdom. With his magic, he is unrivaled, except by one girl.

Alira is the only other with golden eyes. With the ability to steal minds, she is the most deadly individual alive. Powerful. Lethal. And utterly broken.

When Alira is captured by the tyrant King who conquered her Kingdom, she expects to be horrifically tortured and killed. 
But in a cruel twist of fate, she is given an impossible choice that forces her to choose between saving her people and enslaving thousands of innocent people. As she struggles to decide what to do, she discovers secrets that shatter her entire image of Aslandiya and herself.

With darkness coming closer to consuming her with every choice she makes, will Alira be able to stop herself from becoming the monster of her nightmares?

BEAUTIFUL cover by the amazing @seventhstar!

  • caste
  • choices
  • death
  • dragon
  • epicfantasy
  • eyes
  • kingdom
  • life
  • magic
  • marriage
  • mind
  • powers
  • princess
  • queen
  • rebellion
  • royalty
  • safelove
  • shifting
  • trials
  • womanup
Xanti_ Xanti_ May 19, 2016
This descriptions is just so mysterious that I want to read all your book at once ! 😍 
                              I love fantasy so much, I think I'm really going to enjoy my reading :)
Emmalee_Sky Emmalee_Sky Oct 24, 2016
I like this extended synopsis. It gives you more information about the other characters. Love it ♡♡
viyalei viyalei Nov 19, 2016
I decided that I would re-read Stolen Minds because I enjoyed it so much last time and I must relive it.  Awesome!
DestinyGentry1014 DestinyGentry1014 Jun 10, 2016
I enjoyed this description, it gives the story this feeling of mystery and danger which is perfect
stylishswiftie stylishswiftie May 29, 2016
It sounds so good already! I admire how you have written about so many main characters, because I have trouble with doing that because distinguishing each of their characters and personalities if that makes any sense :3
StarlitDoom StarlitDoom Jan 31
OMG this is so cool! SoB's MC is named Faylin too except different spelling! XD