Seventeen Imagines

Seventeen Imagines

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SeductiveChocolate By SeductiveChocolate Updated Dec 20, 2017


You're welcome ✌🏻️😎


Slow updates cuz I'm a bish.

Feel free to talk shit about this book cuz I don't know what I wrote lmao es that bad so whatever 😂

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lowkeyladyloki lowkeyladyloki Nov 29, 2015
                              Plot:She lives in Canada and is a fan of Seventeen so she sends her bias Vernon a fan letter and he replies so they become pen pals sort of.A few months later she meets him in person accidentally.
dolmoxoxo dolmoxoxo Nov 29, 2015
i think it would be better if you let them PM you so that everyone doesnt see what the future chapters will be about to keep it as a surprise ^^ just my opinion
macfully-loaded macfully-loaded Nov 28, 2015
name: y/n
                              member: vernon
                              plot: y/n works at a cafe and she/he meets vernon by a chance, then vernon starts to visit her/him at cafe more often and they become really close friends. one day, vernon asks y/n for a date and confesses his love for her/him when they're on date. then they become a couple.
- - Nov 28, 2015
                              Plot:A another member from seventeen broke up with me on a rainy day and seungkwan comes to my house a comforts me and confesses to me.
mrs_peach mrs_peach Nov 23, 2015
Name: Bi
                              Plot: Having a family with Mingyu. Like married life with kids *twins? ㅋㅋ they should be boys* Seventeen members also have their married life and thus should be a happy story.
                              Kamsa author-nim~!
junfrau junfrau Nov 21, 2015
Name: Frau
                              Member: Jun
                              Plot: jealousy type? I can't think of a good plot right now, so just surprise me author-nim! :) But anything involving jealousy is enough for me :D