She will be loved

She will be loved

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Elsa Arendelle is a depressing girl.She know everyone hates her and just use her.She thinks she worthless and wants to die.Her parents favorite Anna and act like Elsa not there half of the time.She thinks everyone is prettier,smarter and skinnier than her so she stave herself.

Jack Frost is the opposite of Elsa Arendelle,He fun loving and everyone loves him.He loves to make people smile and laugh.
What if Jack heard Elsa crying in the closet doing class?Will Jack make her smile or not?will Jack be demanding to make Elsa smile or leave her alone?Will she finally be loved?

Song of this story:she will be loved

ElsaOfArendell ElsaOfArendell Jul 14, 2016
I do the same thing I tried to shout people out but some people I could not shout out
Melcorea109 Melcorea109 Jul 27, 2016
I love this story so much that it is my third time reading it
CutieJelsaLover CutieJelsaLover Mar 28, 2016
Well I tried that too.When I was sleeping, I accidently put my hands on my chest and I have nightmares
jelsalover334 jelsalover334 Apr 22, 2016
TalentedPup1 TalentedPup1 Apr 22, 2016
Wow this is a great start poor Elsa though she's ignored Anna must be the selfish little brat in this story not to be rude or anything
Sugar_Fix Sugar_Fix Aug 22, 2016
I honestly know how elsa feels. I have to put up with my parents picking my little brother over me all the time. I do cut myself alot because the pain distracts me from my miserable life. :(