meet the robinsons  || nick robinson

meet the robinsons || nick robinson

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donttouchmydrumset By donttouchmydrumset Updated Sep 09

"My four favorite things," Nick said with a smirk. 
  "Four?" I questioned, pulling out a baking sheet. 
  "Well yeah," he stated before standing up. He slowly walked towards me.
   "Chocolate chip cookies..." He leaned against the counter next to me. 
  "Hot chocolate..." Now he wrapped one arm around my waist. 
  "Marshmallows," he smiled and with his index finger, he lifted up my chin. 
  "And you." He finished, before leaning in and pressed his lips onto mine.

Mandyd236 Mandyd236 Aug 10
even single social media fic after the two celebrities FIRST meet
arianaaka13 arianaaka13 Jun 22
ok we get it nick likes dark hair girls BUT BLONDES CAN DO IT BETTER, WE HAVE MORE FUN PLUS WE ARE HOTTER
Bohemian80s Bohemian80s Sep 03
Lmao people talking about "Chloe hands down" with her hefty roblox built aśs
malaikawaii malaikawaii Jun 01
uhhhh she thinks she's a feminist but she's just a little rat who needs education 😊😊😊😊
ik y'all ik this was just for the story nbd 🤷🏻‍♀️😜
Same. Although my hair looks dirty blonde-ish, I still think I'm a brunette.