Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel the Past (TokyoGhoul!Various X Reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel the Past (TokyoGhoul!Various X Reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

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Zuecast/Kēra By Zuecast Updated a day ago

*I'm back my little sugar cubes~

Sequel to: Tokyo Ghoul-Half and Half (Tokyo ghoul X Reader)

Too lazy to write a description, but trust me it's a good story.

P.S. I'm writing this on my IPhone so forgive me if  the page numbers are out of proportion.

Spiritfox13 Spiritfox13 Jun 03, 2016
1) aogiri tree, I love the sense of danger and not being stuck in a routine 
                              2) kaneki, because he's awesome and bada**
                              3) I own both but I prefer my iPad
L_Lover123 L_Lover123 Aug 19, 2016
I have two: uta, and juuzou! There both so awesome that it's hard to decide which ones my favorite.
BubblesSenpai BubblesSenpai Oct 05, 2016
Am I the only one I know,
                              Waging my wars behind my
                              face and Above my 
                              throat? Shadows will 
                              scream that in alone, 
                              But I know we've made it 
                              This far, Kid
17hello 17hello Dec 29, 2015
                              i'm happy sooooooooooooo happy 
                               plz update 
                              loving it so much
SuugaBear SuugaBear Dec 25, 2015 I the 'queen' of destruction? Orrr....I'm sorry...immediately reading to fost....and I don't want to reread's my lazy side of me...
k-state192 k-state192 Dec 25, 2015
Omg i just finished the first one! I was so excited for your second book! Now its hereeeee *fan girls* best christmas present ever!