Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel the Past (TokyoGhoul!Various X Reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

Tokyo Ghoul-Unravel the Past (TokyoGhoul!Various X Reader) {SLOW UPDATES}

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Zuecast/Kēra By Zuecast Updated Nov 09

"It's been...a long time, since that day..."

She isn't hiding. Nor is she trying to run away. She's just...observing.

Anteiku, Aogiri Tree, Everything...

The One Eyed Widow...
Better known as (Y/N) (L/N).

She disappeared without a trace a while back. And it seems that no one really knew who she was to begin with. A girl shrouded in mystery...
No matter who anyone asks, they seem to know little about her. Almost as if she never existed...
Only a very few actually knew her, but they won't talk about her.
But deep down in their hearts they wish that she was still there with them. Lifting the mood or helping out...

But that will never happen. Ever...

The world is a cruel and dark place that just steals and kills the guilty...
and the innocent.

(F/N) wasn't an exception...

But now there's another problem rising up. A big one. And it's something that no one expected. And once they see it there's only one thing they'll realize...

'There's no way to stop it...'

"I'm back my little sugar cubes~❤️"

Sequel to: Tokyo Ghoul-Half and a Half (Tokyo ghoul X Reader)

Doesn't follow story plot!

[Multiple endings!(Hide included)]


Spiritfox13 Spiritfox13 Jun 03
1) aogiri tree, I love the sense of danger and not being stuck in a routine 
                              2) kaneki, because he's awesome and bada**
                              3) I own both but I prefer my iPad
YuukinYume YuukinYume May 03
Hmm theres CCG Kaneki was there as Haise....then theres Aogiri tree Kaneki was there too.. but cooler...meh IDK MAYBE BOTh cant decide on which Kaneki I like.
L_Lover123 L_Lover123 Aug 19
I have two: uta, and juuzou! There both so awesome that it's hard to decide which ones my favorite.
Am I the only one I know,
                              Waging my wars behind my
                              face and Above my 
                              throat? Shadows will 
                              scream that in alone, 
                              But I know we've made it 
                              This far, Kid
17hello 17hello Dec 29, 2015
                              i'm happy sooooooooooooo happy 
                               plz update 
                              loving it so much
SuugaBear SuugaBear Dec 25, 2015 I the 'queen' of destruction? Orrr....I'm sorry...immediately reading to fost....and I don't want to reread's my lazy side of me...