He's so cute [book 1] ( REWRITTEN)

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“I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn’t something about you at all. It was just you.” –Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
    Life for Hunter Stevens was anything but perfect. His father walked out on him, when he was only 6 years old. His mother became a workaholic and his brother took up the role as both mother and father to him. At the age of 16 he became father to twin boys after a drunken night out with friends.He gets bullied left a right by his once best friend, turned bully, after he came out. They live in a four bedroom apartment, twenty minutes away from school. His mother works as a doctor at Phoenix Children's hospital. His brother has started a job at the local gym as a trainer. Life for him gets turned upside down when he meets the Levine siblings. One would think that everything will be normal with them around but what Hunter doesn't know is that they hide a secret, a big one that involves him.
    Logan Levine, had everything he ever wanted, yet he was missing something, though he didn't know just yet. His parents are happily married and have been for the past 30 years. He has an older brother and two younger siblings. He's a senior. He has the looks, the money, the popularity. His family moves from London, England, to Phoenix, Arizona due to his mother being transferred. Did I mention that he's a werewolf? He's the second to the alpha title after his brother, Lykan, steps down when Logan turns 18, which wasn't for another 4 months. What will happen when he starts school a day after arriving at Arizona and he scents his mate? What will he do when he sees a group of boys beating the boy? Will he help him or will he be just like everyone else and just watch? What about when he sees Hunter, battered and bruised at the end of the school day? Will he accept Hunter as his mate or will he reject him? Read and find out in He's So Cute.
I love the idea behind the book and the story so far but because they are so many characters that it keep switching between I can't keep track of what's going on where I have to keep reading the part over and over again than i just get headaches.... shame really wanted to read it to.
omg omg T-T to be honest the old one was not bad but the new one AMAZING please please update I can't wait to know what will happen to hunter T-T 
Yay!!! Thank you so much I can't wait for the next update it was awesome :)
I like it although I'm not sure if it's a prolog reads more like the first chapter at this point.  Can't wait for the next one to see where you go with it.  Enjoyed the original so really looking forward to the new version.