Back To School (Camren)

Back To School (Camren)

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Cloud-nine111 By Cloud-nine111 Updated Jul 07

The introverted Camila Cabello meets her new literature teacher. 

Lauren Jauregui makes the seemingly innocent student embrace her dark (sexual) side.

The two enter a dangerous game of lust and desire. The question is, who will win?

This is definitely not your typical love story.
I suck at summaries, give it a chance. It gets better with every chapter, don't give up on the first one. ;)

daddyregui daddyregui Mar 15
I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now
If Lauren winked at me I would probably dead but when my crushed winked at me I literally lost it 😂
Literally how my mom talks...smh 😂she works at a clinic....soo shyup
My old english teacher would do stuff like this,  but she wasn't like flirting,  she was a goof like that
LMAO! I did the same thing to my friend and it just resulted into me getting slapped. 😂😂😂
Lauren you couldn't just be the cool teacher and let Camila go?😂😂