Mikey pensively thinks about his role to the team. He messed up everything. He was worthless, useless. Was he still valuable to his team? Was he still their brother?  What happens when Mikey is captured? He's all alone....

Oooohhhhhh Raaaaphiiieeeeeee...! *punch him in the face* 👊... *grab my gun* 🔫 You better RUN RAPHIE-BOY!!!!!!!!!!! 😆
NinjaTurtleQueen234 NinjaTurtleQueen234 Dec 05, 2017
*sarcastically* and it's not like Mikey's arm is bleeding or anything....
bandnerd321 bandnerd321 Sep 19, 2017
This is you, don't change who you are. And if they can't see that ,then they are the real jerks
Sarcastic_PureBlood Sarcastic_PureBlood Nov 12, 2017
Now, where is my chainsaw
                              *looking around* found it! * hold up chainsaw* You better run raph!!
CuteMikeyFan CuteMikeyFan Oct 15, 2017
Awww poor Mikey. Me and all the fans are here for you 😢😊
NinjaTurtleQueen234 NinjaTurtleQueen234 Dec 05, 2017
Son of a *bleeping* *bleep*! You get your *bleep* up this moment and help Mikey, you *bleeper*