Mikey pensively thinks about his role to the team. He messed up everything. He was worthless, useless. Was he still valuable to his team? Was he still their brother?  What happens when Mikey is captured? He's all alone....

    Omg I say that everytime I see a button
                                  😂 Love the reference tho
    bandnerd321 bandnerd321 a day ago
    This is you, don't change who you are. And if they can't see that ,then they are the real jerks
    Wolfie-Sama Wolfie-Sama May 03
    I don't think it's 'ninjas', I think it's just ninja. My sister got me obsessed with Ninjago, and they kept on saying ninja instead of ninjas.
    Awww mikey your just like me, I'm always getting told to grow up and to focuse every day. You can't help being hyper like I can't help being antisocial. I'm here for you buddy
    Wolfie-Sama Wolfie-Sama May 03
    It's not like you have 50 stab wounds, glass in your head, broken bones, or a burnt arm. *scowls*
    Donnie is my daveorite character but sometimes he acts like an ass