Chance Of Love

Chance Of Love

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∆Struggling Writer∆ By COOKIESWITHCREME Updated May 24

You guys really don't have to read this book like delete it and find a better one better yet make your own fucking book don't comment negative shit about my book. I have a life outside the social world i barley have time to edit this book i'm fucking trying i'm stress out i wont be able to update my books because my freaking phone got stolen so there people i have my own problems damn it like its just a story its not like its the fucking deceleration of independence i will edit when i have time.

I'm sorry i just had to let people see how i feel i wont be updating stuff because i have a life to live i have social and relationship problems right now bare with me.

i still love you guys 

I love your books if that makes it any better💕 much love.. Xx